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Knee Conditions & Procedures

Anatomy of Knee

The knee is the largest and most complex joint in the body. It is designed to carry much of the force of bending such as stair climbing and rising from a seated position.

Arthroscopy of the Knee Joint

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which an arthroscope is inserted into the knee joint. The arthroscope is connected to a screen by fibre-optic cable to enable direct visualisation of the structures inside the joint.

Meniscus Tears

The knee joint, like all synovial joints, is lined by extremely smooth tissue called articular cartilage.

Cartilage Wear

Healthy cartilage is a white smooth material. It serves as a protective cushion, allowing smooth, low-friction movement of the joints as one bone end moves on the other.

ACL Reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament is made of strong collagen fibres that connect the femur to the tibia in the centre of the knee.

ACL Reconstruction with Allografts and LARS Ligaments

Ligaments are tough, non-stretchable fibers that connect the bones at the joints. Injury to ligaments may cause the joint to become unstable.

Knee Joint Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery aims to relieve pain, reduce symptoms, restore mobility, and regain function.

Revision Knee Replacement

Revision knee replacement is required if your knee implants wear out, loosen from the bone, or become unstable or infected.


Arthritis is a general term covering more than 100 conditions where the joint surface (cartilage) wears out. The joint surface is covered by a smooth articular surface that allows low friction movement and shock absorption at the joint.

Acute Knee Injury Clinic

To cater for the sports enthusiast and injured professional and recreational athletes I run regular afternoon Acute Knee Injury Clinics. Call 83826199 for details and appointments.

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement or Unicondylar Knee Replacement simply means that only a part of the knee joint is replaced. It is indicated when only one side of the knee (medial or lateral) is worn out through arthritis.

Sports Medicine

Radio interview on Sports Medicine by Craig Waller.

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